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The Quest of the Magic Sword: Murphy and Tyler’s Adventures of Quest for Camelot

Chapter 1

United we Stand

England, 932 A.D.

The ocean roared as the waves rolled on the Cliffside as four people rode atop the cliff. One was a little girl with brown hair named “Kayley”. The second was a woman with brown hair named “Lady Juliana”. The third was a blue lioness with hazel eyes and brown hair in a purple shirt with black pants and pink boots named “Shine Lotiz”. The fourth was a tall man in a blue knight’s suit named “Sir Lionel”. They rode along until later they came upon the shoreline. Lionel and Kayley played together and rolled in the sand.

“Father, do you really have to go?” asked Kayley.

“I’m afraid I must, Kayley.” Lionel said, “You know the King’s knights will be here soon.”

“Tell me again, why you became a knight?” said Kayley.

“Kayley, you’ve heard it a thousand times.” Juliana told her daughter.

“You love that story, don’t you?” smiled Shine.

“Oh, but it’s fine, Shine.” Lionel said, then turned to Kayley, “Well, my daughter. Before you were born, the land was dark and treacherous!”

Lionel began his story. In the sand, Lionel drew circles. Then there were scenes of war and fighting.


“The people stood divided, brother fighting brother. The only hope for peace was in the Legend of the Sword, Excalibur… For it was said that only the TRUE king could pull this magical sword from its stone and unite the people. Many tried. All failed.”

As Lionel spoke these words, the scene switches to a sword in a stone. People try to pull it out, but to no avail.

Then on the very day that you were born… an unexpected hero stepped forth. His name was Arthur…”

Next we see a young man step toward the stone as the rings on it illuminate. The young man, Arthur, pulls the sword from the stone, much to the surprise of the other people.

“and he WAS the true king. With Excalibur at his side, he led us out of the darkness, and together we built the greatest kingdom on Earth. Everyone rejoiced.”

As we hear these words, Arthur raises Excalibur up high. As daylight shines, a huge castle is build around the stone where Excalibur was.


“Camelot.” Kayley said as she imagined the people dancing around in the castle. Lionel held a shield with three rings brought together on it.

“And so these three rings represent the unity of our fair kingdom.” Lionel said, “As a knight, I took an oath: To protect Camelot, King Arthur, and Excalibur.” Kayley then noticed something.

“The knights are here.” Kayley said, pointing. And the knights rode up on their horses. The family mounted up.

“I must go now, Kayley. The king has summoned all his knights for a special day at Camelot.” He then kissed his wife goodbye and rode off.

“I’m coming with you, daddy.” Kayley called.

“Yes. When you’re old enough, Kayley.” Lionel called back to her, “I will take you to Camelot, I promise. I love you!”

“One day, I will be a knight like Father.” Kayley said.

“I’m sure you will, Kayley.” Shine smiled.

“Let’s go!” Lionel told his fellow knights and they were off. Many days and nights, they rode until they finally reached Camelot. Where the knights sang joyfully


United we stand

Now and forever

In truth, divided we fall

Hand upon hand

Brother to brother

No one shall be greater than all

United we stand

Now and forever

In truth, divided we fall

Hand upon hand

Brother to brother

No one shall be greater than all

As the knights dismounted, King Arthur stood at the doorway. All the people cheered as he sang

(King Arthur)

It's been ten years we celebrate

All that made our kingdom great

Liberty and Justice for all

Arthur led the knights inside to the Round Table.

Each of us will now divide

In equal shares our countryside

Promising equality for all who reside!


United we stand

Now and forever

In truth, divided we fall

Hand upon hand

Brother to brother

No one shall be greater than all

The knights drew their swords and put them in the scabbards on the chairs, then they held their shields up, reflecting the light of the sun and spoke of their virtues.


...Shall be greater than all


...No one greater than all


Shall be greater than . . .

“ME!!!” yelled a voice. The other knights looked to see a knight with orange hair and bald at the top of his head. This was Ruber, a knight who was ambitious and desired power. Next to him stood a man-sized anthro iguana with green eyes in a blue suit.

“Charming sing-along.” Said the iguana.

“Now let’s get down to business. I’ve waited a long time for this day.” Said Ruber.

“What about our new land?” asked the iguana.

“Sir Brihzonn. You and Sir Ruber are always thinking of yourselves.” Said Arthur.

“Need I remind you that as Knights of the Round Table, your obligation is to the people and not to yourselves?” Said a voice.

Through the doorway stepped a young lion. He was gold-yellowish colored and had brown hair atop. He wore a blue vest with blue pants.

“Who are you? Who invited you?” asked Brihzonn.

“I am Prince Adam Leonheart.” Said the lion, “I am here by special invitation of King Arthur.”

“Welcome to Camelot, Prince Adam.” King Arthur said.

“You’re King Arthur’s special guest?!” scoffed Brihzonn, “You look like nothing more than an overgrown tabby cat.”

“Enough!” King Arthur said, then stood and spoke out to his knights, “The lands will be divided according to each persons needs.”

“Then I need more then everyone.” Ruber said.

“We wouldn’t have supported you all these years if we thought you were running a charity!” Brihzonn growled.

“The KING has decided!” Lionel snapped at the impudent lizard.

“Then it’s time for a new king.” Brihzonn growled.

“And I vote for Me.” said Ruber. The knights scoffed and groaned in disapproval.

“I will not serve a false king.” Lionel growled.

“Neither will I!” Adam said in approval.

“Then serve… a DEAD one!!!” Ruber yelled as he grabbed a mace and Brihzonn drew his sword.

“Kill them!” Brihzonn growled. The two ran across the Round Table as Lionel, Adam, and the Knights rushed to defend the King. Adam drew his Keyblade and clashed with Brihzonn. Adam was a skilled fighter and fought well with his keyblade. But Brihzonn was more skilled in the ways of a sword and was more powerful. Brihzonn shot a blast of black fire and knocked Adam into a bunch of other nights.

Ruber swung his mace and struck Lionel on the head, then he and Brihzonn knocked the knights aside and turned to Arthur. Arthur reached for his sword as Ruber and Brihzonn charged. Arthur drew Excalibur and blocked as Ruber and Brihzonn struck. As their weapons impacted Excalibur, the magic sword emitted a powerful blast that shattered their weapons and sent the two rebellious knights flying towards the doorway. The two landed with a thud. Adam and more knights stood by Arthur. Brihzonn and Ruber growled furiously, but they knew they were no match for Excalibur.

“One day, that sword will be in MY HAND!!!” Ruber growled as he and Brihzonn ran for the doorway.

“AND ALL WILL BE OURS!!!” Brihzonn yelled as the knights threw spears after them. They slammed the door behind them and fled.

With the traitors gone, the knights looked to find Sir Lionel lying motionless on the floor. He was not moving or breathing. He was dead.

“Sir Lionel…”King Arthur murmured sadly. They had lost a good knight that day.
Part 1 of the remake of my "Quest for Camelot" adventure featuring Tyler :icontylerthdragon:, Glitter Lotiz :iconglittersda:, Shine Lotiz :iconshining-star-dragons:, Chomper, Stephanie Penguin :iconrogersgirlrabbit: Brenda Beast :iconbluetopazbeast:, Linda Beast :iconlindabloodybeast:, Colin :iconkiller-aircraft-dude:, Artic :iconcoolterra342: Prince Adam the Lion :iconleonheart27:, Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, Chomper, Fox McCloud, Krystal, Whirlwind, and Ember.
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Murphy, you're still great at making stories, like me. 
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I wish you and your wife stayed on Tyler's team. It's great to have you guys on his team. 
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