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The Quest of the Magic Sword: Murphy and Tyler’s Adventures of Quest for Camelot

Chapter 13

A New Beginning

It was a bright new day in Camelot. Kayley and Shine stepped into the main room in their new dresses. The citizens, knights, and the Dragonstar Team were there. Whirlwind, Ember, Adam, and Crystal were there too. Garret stood beside Arthur, wearing a knight’s suit. Devon and Cornwall stood with the people. They were overcome with joy for Shine and Kayley. Shine and Kayley walked toward Arthur.

“Kayley.” Said a female voice. Shine and Kayley turned to see Lady Juliana holding Sir Lionel’s shield.

“You forgot this.” Juliana said, handing the shield to Kayley, “Take it. It’s yours.”

Shine and Kayley stepped before Arthur and kneeled as Garret did the same. Arthur held Excalibur and tapped each one’s shoudlers.

“I dub thee Sir Garret!” he said tapping Garret’s shoulders.

“I dub thee Lady Kayley!” He said tapping Kayley’s shoulders.

“I dub thee Lady Shine!” he said as he tapped Shine’s shoulders. Then he sheathed the sword and turned to Murphy, Tyler, Whirlwind, Ember, Adam, and the Dragonstar Team.

“And I welcome Murphy Dragonstar, Tyler the Dragon, Whirlwind, Ember, and the Dragonstar Team. I name you and Prince Adam Leonheart heroes of Camelot.” Arthur announced, “Thank you for saving Camelot.”

Murphy, Tyler, and their friends bowed.

“You have reminded us that a kingdom’s strength is not based on the strength of its king, but the strength of its people.” Arthur said, “From this day forward, you will all sit as knights of the Round Table.”

“Thank you, King Arthur. But I think I want to be with Murphy and his team.” Shine spoke, “They have shown me that true strength comes from compassion and friendship.” Arthur, Kayley, and Garret looked at her and understood.

“And we would love to stay. But we’re needed elsewhere now. We’re needed wherever evil rules the land! Wherever innocent women and children are afraid to walk in the open! Wherever a man cannot live in peace! Wherever people cry out for a hero to come to their rescue!” Murphy said.

“Very well. But know that your names will never be forgotten and the gates of Camelot will always be open to you.” Arthur said. The crowd applauded for the heroes. Immediately the music started as the citizens and knights started dancing. Murphy danced with Shine, Spyro with Cynder, Whirlwind with Ember, Tyler with Glitter, Linda with Bowser, Fox with Krystal, Hunter with Zielae, and Garret with Kayley. The rooster that was once Blade Beak danced with his wife as well.

“Is this everything you ever wanted?” Kayley asked Garret.

“Not quite everything.” Garret said. Garret took Kayley in his arms and they kissed.

Murphy turned to Shine.

“Shine, there’s something I want to tell you.” Murphy said.

“What is it, Murphy?” asked Shine. Murphy took her hand.

“Since we first met, I've developed an admiration for you.” Murphy said, “An attachment for you or something. I don't know how to say it.”

“Really...? Y-You've got a crush on me, don't you...?” Shine said, blushing.

“I...I suppose...I must...I...I...” Murphy blushed and gulped.

“Shh…” Shine said, then kissed Murphy in the mouth. Murphy was surprised, but returned the kiss. Their lips parted.

“What I’m trying to say is… I love you, Shine.” Murphy smiled. Shine smiled and fluttered her eyelashes. Shine kissed him full in the mouth. This kiss could’ve lasted forever if they did not have to breathe.

“I love you too, Murphy.” Cooed Shine.  Devon and Cornwall sentimentally sobbed tears of joy when they saw this. Devon leaned over to kiss Cornwall again.

“Hey! Don’t even think about it!” Cornwall told him, remembering the last time.

Ayden flew toward Merlin and perched on his hand.

“Well done, Ayden.” Merlin smiled, petting the falcon.

“I knew that was no ordinary falcon!” Adam said.

“Nope. That falcon is Merlin’s faithful pet.” Smiled Crystal.

“Congratulations, sister.” Said a female voice as Murphy and Shine kissed. Murphy, Shine and the others turned and saw a blue lioness with green hair. Next to her was a blue lioness with pink hair, a blue train, an anthromorphic cat, and a blonde haired woman.

“My friends! Sisters, you’ve come!” Shine said with delight.

“Of course we did.” The green-haired lioness smiled.

“You didn’t think we’d miss a chance to see our sister’s new lover, did you?” winked the pink haired lioness.

“Sisters?” Wajo asked.

“Oh, guys. I forgot to tell you. I have two more sisters and group members of my own.” Shine said.

“I’m Sparkle.” Said Shine’s green-haired sister.

“I’m Shimmer.” Said Shine’s pink-haired sister.

“I’m Kitsandra Katswell. But you can call me ‘Kitty’ for short.” Said the cat.

“Name’s Gordon.” Said the train.

“My name is Maetel.” Said the blonde woman.

Boldekhan walked over to get a better look, but he tripped and fell. He quickly grabbed hold of a girl’s shoulder to keep from falling, but the girl fell with her. They both fell on the floor.

“I’m terribly sorry, miss. I didn’t mean to pull you down!” Bold apologized.

“It’s alright, senor. I…” the girl began to say when she and Bold’s eyes met. Bold was speechless. He was face-to-face with a lovely anthro vixen.

“Uh…hi…” Bold stuttered.

“Hi.” Said the vixen.

“I’m… I’m Boldekhan…” Bold said.

“I’m Carmelita.” Smiled the vixen.

“Looks like somebody’s got a sweetheart.” Linda chuckled. Bowser smiled, then tickled Linda’s back.

“Hey! That tickles.” Linda giggled before turning to Bowser.

“I’ve got one standing right in front of me.” Bowser smiled, eyeing Linda.

“Oh. You!” Linda blushed as she kissed Bowser.

Tyler he looked at Glitter with a smile. Glitter smiled then trembled. Tyler then looked at Devon and Cornwall and walked up to them.

“Hey, Devon, Cornwall, I was wondering. Would you like to join us?” asked Brenda.

“Join you?” Cornwall said in surprise.

“You mean it?!” Devon said in surprise.

“Of course.” Murphy smiled.

“Actually, we’d love to! But we’ve just built a reputation here. They love us.” Devon said.

“Maybe we’ll have adventures together again sometime.” Cornwall smiled.

“Someday we will.” Spyro said.

“What about you, Adam?” asked Brenda.

“Thank you, Tyler. But I have to walk my own path.” Adam said.

“How about you and Ember, Whirlwind?” asked Artic.

“Thanks, but we must return to the Dragon Temple.” Whirlwind said, “We were sent to help recover Excalibur, and now our mission is complete.”

“Someday, we’ll meet again.” Ember smiled, “I know we will.”

“I know we will too.” Smiled Spyro. Ember turned to Cynder.

“No matter how far apart we are, we’ll always be best friends.” Smiled Ember.

“I know we’ll meet again someday.” Adam smiled.

“I know we will as well.” Murphy said.

“Murphy, there’s something I need to tell you.” Tyler said.

“What is it, bro?” asked Murphy.

“Glitter and I have been thinking and we decided you and I should go as separate teams now.” Tyler said. Murphy’s eyed widened with shock.

“What!? You and I split up!? You can’t be serious!” Murphy protested, “After all we’d been through together?!”

“I realize this comes as a shock, but we have our own path. As do you.” Tyler said.

“He’s right. We’ve had great adventures together, but you can now have your own. As Tyler and I can.” Glitter said.

“But without you, Tyler… I… I… I feel so alone…” Murphy said, feeling downhearted. He then felt a hand touch his shoulder, and turned to see Shine holding him.

“But you’re NOT alone.” Shine said.

“He’s right. You still have us.” Spyro said as he and Cynder stepped up.

“Count me in, my friend.” Sparx said.

“And you have my bow at your side.” Hunter said.

“And you have your faithful companions.” Pavvy said as he stood beside, Bold, Wajo, and Zielae.

“Saphira and I are with you too, Murphy.” Eragon smiled.

“So are we, Murphy.” Smiled Garret as Kayley stood beside him.

“And you have us.” Kitty said.

“We will gladly follow your lead.” Smiled Sparkle.

“Wherever you go.” Smiled Shimmer.

“Besides, Murphy, we may be going our separate ways, but we will still be friends. We’ll ALWAYS be brothers.” Tyler smiled. Murphy looked at all of his friends and the warm smiles on their faces. He could see that they were right.

Murphy was not alone. He still had his four comrades, including his cousin. He had Spyro and Cynder, who were like family to him since they first met. And now he had a girl who he loved with his heart, and who loved him in return.  And there were her sisters and friends. His sadness faded as a smile came across his face.

“You’re right, my friends. I’m not alone.” Murphy smiled, then looked at Tyler, “We’ll always be brothers.”

“Yes. Always.” Tyler said.

“You’ll never be alone as long as we’re alive.” Artic smiled.

“True friends can NEVER truly be separated.” Colin smiled.

“We may be two separate teams, but we’re all one family.” Stephanie smiled.

“A family.” Tyler smiled. Murphy smiled and hugged his brother-figure, who returned the hug. Glitter pulled Tyler away and smiled lovingly at him. She then trembled.

“Are you alright? You’re trembling.” Tyler said.

“I’m fine. I have something to tell you…” Glitter began to say.

“What is it? What’s on your mind?” asked Tyler.

“You’re going to be a father.” Glitter smiled, caressing her belly. Murphy, Shine, Adam, Whirlwind, Ember, Tyler, and the others gasped in surprise.

“Did Glitter just say what I thought…” Mushu blurted out.

“Shhh…” Adam shushed him, not wanting him to spoil the moment.

“Sorry.” Mushu said. Tyler was too surprised by what Glitter said to notice.

“G-Glitter, did you just say what I think you said?!” Tyler said, wide-eyed.

“Yes…” Glitter smiled.

“You’re pregnant?!” Tyler said.

“Yes, I am.” Glitter smiled.

“I’m… I’m going to be a father!” Tyler said joyfully.

“I’m going to be an uncle.” Murphy said with delight.

“And I’m going to be an aunt.” Shine smiled.

“Children, did you hear that?!” Tyler said as Chomper, Millie, and Scarlett walked up.

“You’re going to have a new brother or sister.” Tyler smiled.

“That’s great.” Chomper smiled.

“A new member of the family.” Smiled Scarlett.

“A new child.” Said Millie.

“Not just a new child. A new beginning.” Said Tyler.

Kayley handed Garret a new staff and they headed off. They rode off into the horizon, and on their horse. On the back of the horse they had a sign saying “Just Knighted”. They couldn’t be any happier. Adam and Crystal rode off on horses. Whirlwind and Ember flew off for home.


Two months had passed since Kayley and Garret's wedding. Shine, Murphy and the others had built and furnished a honeymoon cottage for them. Thanks to Murphy, he was able to bring Shine's three sisters, Sparkle, Glitter and Shimmer Lotiz, to their location.

"Alright, what's this all about?" asked Shimmer, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, you know that Murphy told you about what we've been through to get this far, right?" Shine asked back.

"Well, yeah, what's your point?" retorted Sparkle.

"I'm thinking of taking Kayley in as another sister. This whole adventure brought her and I close like sisters."

Sparkle, Shimmer and Glitter's jaws dropped.

"Are you insane?!" exclaimed Shimmer.

"How do you know it'll be alright with her?" added Sparkle.

"But girls... Kayley's lost her father... and we know what that's like too... she deserves a second chance with family," said Glitter shyly.

"Look. I'll go find Kayley and talk to her about this. Just wait here and I'll bring her to you, okay?" asked Shine

Sparkle, Glitter and Shimmer looked at each other and nodded at Shine.

Shine then found Murphy, Bold, and Wajo just chatting a bit.

"Hey Murph, look," said Wajo, pointing toward Shine.

Murphy looked up and saw her coming.

"Oh, hey Shine," he said with a blush

"Hi Murphy. You boys seen Kayley or Garret anywhere?" she asked curiously.

"Yeah, they're giving their horse a bath in the river," answered Bold.

"Thanks boys." smiled Shine and she raced off to the river.

At the river, Garret was resting next to the horse while Kayley was washing her hands. She heard some rustling nearby and was on edge, not knowing who or what was coming their way.

"Who goes there?" she asked, her voice both stern and cautious at the same time.

The figure came out of the bushes, revealing herself to be Shine.

"Careful where you point that thing now," she said, trying not to giggle. "You could poke someone's eye out."

"Shine!" exclaimed Kayley, taking a couple of deep breaths to pull herself together. "Don't ever spook me like that again."

"Sorry Kayley," Shine said reassuringly.

"What're you doing here, anyway?" asked Kayley, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Well, I...I came to talk to you."

"About what?" Kayley asked again.

Shine's ears drooped as she sighed.

"Do you remember the day we found out that Sir Lionel had died...?" she asked sadly.

"How could I forget...? That was the saddest day of my life..." Kayley replied, trying to hold back her tears. Shine had to do the same as she continued.

"I too know what it's like to lose a parent, Kayley..."

"You do...?" she asked, looking up at Shine.

Shine nodded sadly.

"My mother and father were both killed when my sisters and I were little..."

Kayley gasped as she put a hand over her own mouth.

"Shine... I didn't know... I'm sorry for your loss," she tried to say as she held Shine close. Shine couldn't hold back any longer and began to cry a little. Kayley said nothing, but continued to comfort the heartbroken lioness. This went on for a few minutes until Shine finally calmed herself.

"Th-thanks Kayley... I needed that," she said while drying her eyes.

"You're welcome Shine," replied Kayley, giving her a gentle smile.

"You know... you've always been like a sister to me, Kayley... I hope you know that."

"You bet your fur I do, Shine. Why do you bring this up?"

"Well... I was talking to my sisters and I want to know your thoughts about this... but... how would you and Garret like to become members of the Lotiz family?"

Kayley's eyes went wide; she was rendered speechless by the question. But when she thought about it, it made sense to her. Through this whole adventure, Shine had been right there for both her and Garret, like a sister she never had. Kayley looked at Shine as tears of joy ran down her cheeks.

"I'll take that as a "yes," giggled Shine as she hugged Kayley in a sisterly manner. "Come on, let's get the horse and Garret back to the others."

"Good idea."


"Hey guys look, there they are," exclaimed Tyler, pointing toward Shine, Kayley, Garret and their horse.

"About time," scoffed Shimmer, rolling her eyes.

"Oh lighten up, you big hothead," scolded Pavvy.

"How'd it go, Shine?" asked Murphy and Sparkle at the same time.

Kayley looked at Shine and nodded.

"Guys, take a good glance. You're now looking at two new members of the Lotiz Family," she said with a broad smile.

The group cheered and exchanged hugs with one another.

"Well done Shine," smiled Murphy and gave the blue lioness a quick kiss on the cheek.

Shine blushed bright red and fainted with tiny little hearts circling her head.

"I think that's her way of saying, "You're welcome", Murphy," giggled Kayley.

"This was one heck of an adventure," said Tyler.

"Who knows what we'll do next," chimed in Shimmer.

"We'll only find out one way," Murphy said, looking to the horizon.

“You know what this means, Kayley?” asked Shine. Kayley turned to Shine.

“This means you and Garret will be aunt and uncle to Tyler and Glitter’s child.” Smiled Shine.

Kayley gave her new sisters another hug. Murphy turned to Tyler and sighed.

“Well, bro. I guess this is where we go our separate ways.” Murphy sighed.

“We’ll see each other again. I promise.” Tyler said, “But I have something for you before we part.”

Tyler took out an amulet and handed it to Murphy, who looked at it. It resembled a cross with a blade.

“An amulet of Talos.” Murphy said.

“I had a special enchantment put on it so that you can change into your battle armor at anytime.” Tyler smiled. Murphy hugged his brother-figure again.

“We may be two separate teams, we’re all one family.” Smiled Murphy. As Murphy speaks those words, we hear “Two Worlds” from Disney’s Tarzan start playing as flashbacks of Murphy and Tyler’s past memories play.


Put your faith in what you most believe in
Two worlds, one family
Trust your heart
Let fate decide
To guide these lives we see

(flashbacks of when Murphy first met Tyler and Spyro, and when Tyler met Glitter)

A paradise untouched by man
Within this world blessed with love
A simple life, they live in peace

(flashbacks of Murphy, Tyler, and Spyro battling Dark Cynder, then of the team and Cynder at the Dragon temple)

Softly tread the sand below your feet now
Two worlds, one family
Trust your heart
Let fate decide
To guide these lives we see

(flashbacks of Murphy, Tyler, and Spyro fighting Gaul)

Beneath the shelter of the trees
Only love can enter here
A simple life, they live in peace

(Flashback of Tyler, Spyro, Cynder, and Murphy in his dragon form fighting grublins and orcs together, then of the four fighting Malefor, then of Tyler and Glitters wedding and of Spyro and Cynder as they share their first kiss)

Raise your head up
Lift high the load
Take strength from those that need you
Build high the walls
Build strong the beams
A new life is waiting
But danger's no stranger here

(Flashback of Murphy, Tyler, and the team meeting Fox McCloud, battling Sharpclaws, and freeing Krystal from her imprisonment)

No words describe a mother's tears
No words can heal a broken heart
A dream is gone, but where there's hope

Somewhere something is calling for you
Two worlds, one family
Trust your heart
Let fate decide
To guide these lives we see

(Flashback of Fox and Krystal as they become a couple, then of Murphy and Tyler’s adventures leading up to this day as they battle evil villains and meet new friends and build up their team)

“I have something for Wajo.” Fox said as he gave Wajo a watch-like device.

“A Time Tron?” Wajo said in surprise.

“I had Slippy make one for you and your team so you can time travel as well.” Fox said.

“Thank you, Fox.” Smiled Wajo.

“You know, hon. We never did come up with a name for our new team.” Glitter told Tyler.

“You’re right, my love.” Tyler said, then thought, “How about… the SoulHeart Heroes!” Tyler’s team smiled and chattered with approval.

“I take that as a yes.” Tyler smiled.

“What should Shine and I call our team then?” asked Murphy.

“How about… the Star Dragons Team.” Said Tyler.

“Star Dragons. That’s a good name.” Murphy smiled.

“I like it too.” Shine smiled. Tyler readied his Time Tron.

“I’ll miss you, brother.” Murphy said.

“And I’ll miss you. But we will see each other again. And we’ll always be brothers.” Tyler said. With those words, the SoulHeart Heroes vanished in a flash of light. Murphy turned to his new team, the Star Dragons.

“What now, my prince?” asked Cynder.

“What are your orders?” asked Garret. Murphy turned and looked into the horizon.

“We shall see what adventures lie ahead for us. We stand together as a family.” Murphy said as his team stood with him.

Part 13 and the FINAL chapter of the remake of my "Quest for Camelot" adventure featuring Tyler :icontylerthdragon:, Glitter Lotiz :iconglittersda:, Shine Lotiz :iconshining-star-dragons:, Chomper, Stephanie Penguin :iconrogersgirlrabbit: Brenda Beast :iconbluetopazbeast:, Linda Beast :iconlindabloodybeast:, Colin :iconkiller-aircraft-dude:, Artic :iconcoolterra342: Prince Adam the Lion :iconleonheart27:, Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, Chomper, Fox McCloud, Krystal, Whirlwind, and Ember.

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