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The Quest of the Magic Sword: Murphy and Tyler’s Adventures of Quest for Camelot

Chapter 4

New Alliances

As Shine, Adam, and Kayley broke through the door on their horses and rode off and Whirlwind and Ember flew with them, Juliana could only watch as her precious daughter rode off far beyond her sight. As did her dear friend, Shine Lotiz. Juliana sang a prayer for them to be safe.

I pray you will
Be my eyes
And watch her
Where she goes

And help her
To be wise
Help me
To let go

Every mother prays,
Every child knows

Lead her to a place,
Guide her with your grace

I pray she finds your light
And holds it in her heart

As darkness past each night,
Remind her where you are

Every mother prays,
Every child knows

Need to find a place,
Guide her with your grace

Give her faith so
She’ll be safe

Lead her to a place,
Guide her with your grace
To a place where
She’ll be safe

As Juliana sang this prayer, Ruber’s minions rode of on their boar, with Blade Beak right behind them on a wooden cart being pulled by a boar.

The team stopped at a fork in the rode and saw two signs. One pointed to the right and said “Main Road to Camelot”. The other said “Forbidden Forest”.

“Which way do we go?” asked Ember.

They looked back and saw Ruber’s minions right behind them.

“This way!” Shine said, taking the trail to the Forbidden Forest. The others followed. The Arrow Arm fired some arrows at them. They dodged and the arrows hit a tree, breaking it at the base and causing it to fall over and block their path.

“This way!” Whirlwind said, leading them over a stream. Whirlwind used his wind breath attacks to slow the minions down. Blade Beak nearly fell of his cart, but swung his axe-head into the cart. The team reached the Forbidden Forest, but the horses got spooked and bucked their riders off and ran off in fear. Then they could see the minions getting closer. They looked ahead into the spooky forest ahead of them.

“I guess this is it.” Ember said nervously.

“The Forbidden Forest.” Said Kayley.

“Run!” Adam said. They ran into the forest as the minions approached the border. Suddenly the boar collapsed from exhaustion. The minions dismounted and began to go after the heroes. Suddenly, Blade Beak’s cart smashed against a rock and sent him flying. Blade Beak flew threw the air and his axe head hit the Arrow Arm’s arm.

“Hey! We’re not going in there, are we?” Blade Beak asked timidly.

“Chicken!” The Arrow Arm scoffed.

“But I got a wife, and two eggs at home!” Blade Beak protested. The Arrow Arm shook Blade Beak off and ran into the forest with the others.

“Hey! Don’t leave me here!” Blade Beak yelled.

Shine, Adam, Kayley, Whirlwind, and Ember ran through the forest, pushing their way through the dense vegetation. The minions were right behind them. As the heroes made their way through a rock crevice, the Spike Slinger smashed it behind them as some strange plants with eyes looked at them. Suddenly, the team tripped and went plummeting down into a pond.

“Saved by a pond.” Sighed Whirlwind.

“Guys, could you help me outta this?” asked Kayley, tangled in a net.

“Sure thing.” Said Adam as he and Whirlwind lifted the net off of her.

“HEY!!!” said an angry voice. They turned to see a young man in green garments with a staff.

“That’s my net!” said the man. Before anyone could say anything else, the minions and Blade Beak came plummeting down into the pond. The man took up his staff. The Arrow Arm grabbed Blade Beak and threw him at the man. But a falcon screeched and the man dodged. Blade Beak went flying into a tree. The Arrow Arm and Spike Slinger approached Garret, but a falcon swooped in front of them. While the minions were distracted, the man swung his staff and knocked the Spike Slinger into the water. The Arrow Arm turned, but the man thrust his staff into the minion’s eye. The Spike Slinger got back up and growled.

“Look out behind you!” Ember screamed. The man quickly thrust his staff backward and hit the Spike Slinger between the legs.

“Ooh, that’s gotta hurt!” winced Shine. The man then used his staff to throw the Spike Slinger upward. Suddenly, a long slimy tongue grabbed the Spike Slinger and pulled him into a cluster of rocks that was shaped to look like a mouth. Kayley and Shine gasped in surprise. The “mouth” let out a loud belch.

“Excuse me!” Ember said in disgust. Blade Beak pulled himself free, but went falling into the water. The Arrow Arm approached the man as the falcon perched on a vine. As the minion prepared to strike, the falcon screeched. The man struck the vine with his staff, causing a log to swing out and knock the surprised Arrow Arm into a nearby whirlpool. The man smiled. But the falcon screeched as it noticed the Blade Hand, Spike Head, and Axe Hand approaching Shine, Kayley, and the others. Adam drew his Keyblade. Suddenly, an anthro kangaroo in a green tunic jumped out of the trees and whacked the Spike Head on the head with his staff, knocking him back.

“Back off, ugly!” said the kangaroo. The Blade Hand swung his curved blade at the kangaroo, but an anthro Doberman in red armor jumped in the way and blocked with his battle axes.

“Hey, watch it! You could hurt someone with that!” said the Doberman, pushing the Blade Hand back. The Axe Hand swung, but a katana was thrust in his way and blocked it. The Axe Hand looked to see a lioness in purple and green garbs.

“Return to your master, foul beasts!” said the lioness.

“Whoever you are, you are dead!” growled the Spike Head as the minions lunged forward.

“That’s what you think!” called another voice. Shine, Adam, Kayley, Whirlwind, Ember, and the minions turned to see a yellow lion with a gold mane, tan muzzle, and blue eyes in golden armor standing atop the rocks. He drew a sword with a golden, dragon-shaped hilt, blue gems on either side of the hilt, and a silver blade. The blade radiated with lightning. Shine and the others looked in amazement. The lion raised his sword.

“DRAGONSTAR!!!” yelled the lion as lightning flashed. The Blade Hand lunged as the lion leaped down from the rock. The lion swung his sword and struck the Blade Hand. Lightning flashed again as the minion was sent flying.

The Axe Hand lunged, but a green parrot in chain-mail armor with yellow fabric jumped out and swung his nunchucks, whacking the Axe Hand right in the face. The Spike Head lunged at the lion again, but the lion fired a blast of lightning from his sword and sent the minion flying.

“Let’s get outta here!” yelled the Spike Head and the minions ran off.

“Weird looking dudes.” Said the parrot.

“Yeah, and I thought grublins were ugly.” Said the Doberman.

“I don’t know who you guys are, but thank you so much.” Ember said. The animal warriors turned to look at the team and put their weapons away. Kayley stood in surprise.

“You’re…you’re not human!” Kayley said.

“Very perceptive.” The Doberman said.

“You’re… you’re animals just like us!” realized Shine.

“There are more of you!” Kayley said in astonishment.

“Yeap. So there are.” Said the kangaroo.

“And I thought they were the only ones!” Kayley said. The lion in golden armor walked over to help Shine up.

“Are you alright, miss?” asked the lion.

“I’m fine. Thanks.” Said Shine. As she and the lion’s eyes met, they both felt a strange feeling. They could feel their hearts beating. They were oblivious to all around them.

“Hey, Murphy!” yelled another voice. The two snapped out of it and saw a blue anthro dragon in silver armor standing with the others. The two blushed and broke away.

Then others appeared. A purple dragon; a black dragoness; a yellow dragonfly; an anthro cheetah in a red cloak; an anthro fox in soldier gear; a blue vixen in a dark blue suit; a comical looking tiger; a brown anthro dragoness with black hair; a man in a red tank top with black jeans and brown hair; a white-haired girl with horns in a teal shirt and blue skirt; a black haired girl with horns in a red and black suit; an anthro female penguin with red hair in a blue dress, a large, horned, turtle-like creature with spikes on his shell; a young human boy in farm clothes; a large, blue female dragon; a brownish dragon; a small red dragon; and a blue lioness with dark hair in pink clothes

“It’s alright, children. It’s safe to come out!” said the blue anthro dragon. Then a small; bluish-purple Tyrannosaurus Rex hatchling; pink, female Tyrannosaurus hatchling; and a small, blue pony came out from the trees.

“Sorry.” Blushed the lion.

“Always out to the rescue.” Said the blue anthro dragon. He pulled out some kind of golden hieroglyphic cube from out of his pocket. When he tosses it in the air, there was a blinding flash, and after it fell back onto the anthro dragon’s hand, and the lion was in a blue shirt with black pants. And the dragon was in a gray shirt with black pants.

“Who are you guys, anyway?” asked Kayley.

“I’m Murphy Dragonstar, son of King Lorosius and Prince of Aramalia. And this is my team, the Dragonstar Squad.” The lion introduced.

“I’m Tyler, Dragonborn of Skyrim.” Said the blue anthro dragon.

““I’m Murphy’s cousin, Zielae.” The lioness in purple and green garbs introduced.

“I’m Pavisoso.” Said the parrot introduced, “You can also call me Pavvy.”

“Wajanja, or Wajo.” The kangaroo said.

“I’m Boldekhan. But you can call me Bold for short.” The Doberman said.

“I’m Glitter Lotiz, Tyler’s wife.” The blue-haired lioness introduced.

“Glitter!? Is that you, sister!?” Shine said in surprise. Glitter looked at Shine and was shocked.

“Shine?!” Glitter said in surprise. The two blue lionesses ran up to eachother and hugged eachother.

“I’ve missed you, sister.” Shine said.

“I missed you too.” Glitter replied.

“You two know eachother?” asked the anthro fox in surprise.

“Yes! This is my sister, Shine Lotiz!” Glitter said, “Shine, this is my husband Tyler. Tyler.”

“A pleasure.” Tyler said.

“Pleasure to meet you too.” Shine smiled.

“Excuse me, sorry to interrupt. But if you don’t mind, may we continue introducing ourselves?” said the brownish dragon.

“Oh, yes. Please continue.” Glitter replied.

“My name is Cynder” said the black dragoness.

“I am Fox McCloud, leader and pilot of the Star Fox team” said the fox.

“I am Krystal” said the blue vixen.

“My name is Hunter.” The cheetah introduced.

“I’m Hobbes.” Introduced the tiger.

“Name’s Stephanie.” Introduced the penguin.

“I’m Bowser, King of the Koopas.” The turtle-creature declared.

“I’m Brenda.” The white haired girl with horns introduced.

“I’m Collin.” The brown-haired human said.

“My name is Artic.” Introduced the female anthro dragoness.

“My name is Linda.” The black haired girl with horns introduced.

“My name is Chomper” said the small bluish T-rex.

“I’m Scarlett.” Said the pink T-Rex.

“I’m Millie.” Said the small, blue pony.

“I am Drake” said the brownish dragon.

"My name is Eragon" said the male human.

"And I am his dragon, Saphira" said the blue female dragon.

“I’m Mushu, the Guardian Dragon!” said the small red dragon.

“I’m Spyro, and this is Sparx, my foster-brother” said the Purple Dragon.

“Wassup!” greeted the dragonfly.

“Spyro?!” said Whirlwind in surprise. Spyro turned and noticed Whirlwind.

“Whirlwind?! How you doing, buddy?!” Spyro said excitedly, “It’s so good to see you!”

“I didn’t expect to meet you here!” Whirlwind smiled.

“I didn’t expect to find you here either.” Spyro said.

“Old friends?” asked Artic.

“Oh, right!” Spyro realized, “Everyone, this is Whirlwind! My childhood friend.”

“Shine, Kayley, Adam, meet Spyro.” Whirlwind said.

“SPYRO!!!” said Ember in excitement.

“Oh no.” groaned Spyro, eyes widened with fear as Ember darted at him.

“It’s really you!!!” Ember squealed and tackled him and hugged him hard. Murphy and the others looked in surprise.

“Whoa!” Murphy and Tyler said in unison.

“I hoped I wouldn’t run into her again.” Spyro thought to himself.

“Hey, hey! Come on, lady! Give him some air! He can’t breathe!” said Brenda. Ember looked and realized. Then she let go.

“I'm sorry, sweetheart. I just missed you so much” said Ember and starts to nuzzle on him.

“Uh… Ember? Can you please not do that?” said Spyro feeling uncomfortable.

“Spyro, who is this girl?” Stephanie asked, “Would you mind introducing her?”

“This is Ember. She’s been obsessed over me for a long time now.” Said Spyro in mortification.

“Obviously.” Said Bowser.

“Murphy Dragonstar and Tyler the Dragon! What an honor to meet you!” Ember said with excitement.

“You know us?” Murphy said.

“Of course I do.” Ember said.

“Everyone at the Dragon Temple knows you.” Whirlwind said.

“What is he talking about?” asked Adam.

“It’s a long story.” Said Spyro.

“But I don’t remember meeting you before.” Bold said.

“She and I met while you guys weren’t around. That was while you guys were on your mission in Avalar.” Spyro explained.

“I am honored.” Whirlwind smiled, bowing.

“Pleasure’s ours, Whirlwind.” Smiled Murphy

“It’s ok, Spyro. I’m here with you.” Said Cynder as she approached Spyro. Spyro took a deep breath.

“Ember, Whirlwind, there’s something I have to tell you. I never got the chance before I left the temple.” Spyro said.

“Oh? What’s that?” asked Whirlwind.

“Cynder and I are dating now. We have been shortly after we defeated Malefor.” Spyro said, “Cynder is my girlfriend.”

“Spyro, you dog!” smiled Whirlwind, “Congrats, bro!”

“Looks like someone beat you to him, Ember.” Smiled Pavvy as he looked at Ember. But Ember wasn’t smiling. She had a shocked expression on her face, which turned to anger. Their smiles faded.

“Ember?” said Murphy.

“You ok?” asked Whirlwind. Suddenly, her teeth started clenching and one of her eyes starts twitching. Then she started to breathe heavier and slower.

“Oh no…” gulped Hobbes. Suddenly, Ember lunged at Cynder and tackled her. She pressed her paws against Cynder’s neck, choking her.

“HOW… DARE… YOU…TAKE…HIM…AWAY…FROM…ME!!!” Ember yelled in jealousy and rage, pressing harder with each word. The others were shocked at this.

“Ember, stop!” Whirlwind pleaded as he approached her.

“You stay outta this!!!” Ember snapped.

“Get off of her!” Linda yelled. Ember paid no attention and continued to choke Cynder. Suddenly, Bold rushed forward and grabbed Ember by the tail.

“GET OFF HER!!!” Bold yelled, yanking her off by the tail and flinging her into a tree. Ember was stunned. Everyone was shocked by what Bold had just done. Bold paid no attention and furiously approached Ember. Ember was no longer angry, but she was shocked and afraid.

“Bold, stop it!” Spyro yelled.

“You dare to attack my friend like that!!!” Bold yelled, grabbing her by the throat.

“Bold, that’s enough!” Murphy yelled. Bold just glared at him, then turned back to Ember and strangled her. Murphy drew his Sword.

“I said ENOUGH!!!” Murphy yelled as he shot a bolt of lightning from his sword and knocked Bold into the pond. Bold got back up and breathed heavily. His anger faded and turned into shock of what he had just done. He looked at Ember, who shivered and was shedding tears.

“Ember, I’m so sorry…I…I didn’t mean…” Bold tried to apologize as he approached her. But Ember just scrambled away.

“NO! Get away! Don’t come near me!” she screamed with tears in her eyes. Bold stopped as Ember stood back.

“How could you?!” Ember sobbed at Cynder. Whirlwind carefully approached her.

“Ember, it’s ok. I’m here.” Whirlwind said, reaching his paw out.

“Just leave me alone!” Ember sobbed. Whirlwind just moved closer and hugged her.

“Deep breath.” Whirlwind said. Ember took a deep breath and her crying began to die down. Spyro sighed with relief. Murphy, Tyler, Spyro, and Fox then turned to Bold.

“Boldekhan, you could’ve hurt her!” Murphy said angrily.

“What were you thinking, Bold?!” Tyler said.

“That was dangerous, Bold!” Fox said.

“You shouldn’t have done that!” Spyro added.

“I know. That was one of the stupidest things I ever done in my life!” Bold shamefully admitted. Murphy sighed and turned to Shine, Kayley, Adam.  Spyro approached Cynder.

“Cynder? Are you alright?” asked Spyro.

“I am now.” Cynder answered.

“Sorry about Boldekhan, everyone.” Brenda apologized.

“He’s really a nice guy, just a little hot-headed.” Murphy added.

“Remind me never to get on his bad side.” Kayley said.

Kayley stood up and looked at the man, who was too busy looking at his net to notice what had just happened.

“That was incredible! How you… smashed those creatures! How you avoided that… that thing!” Kayley said, “You’re amazing! You’re…”

The man said nothing.

“Not even listening to her.” Linda said, glaring.

“Great! It took me six weeks to make this net.” The man complained.

“Well, you saved our lives. So thank you.” Kayley said.

“We helped too, y’know.” Said Pavvy.

“Yeah. Thanks.” Said Adam.

“Well, anyone can make a mistake.” The man said.

“Oh, I get it! This is where King Arthur sends his unfunny jesters, right?” asked Sparx. The man chuckled and turned to the others.

“And now I’ll thank you.” Said the man.

“For what?” asked Cynder.

“For reminding me why I’m a hermit! Good day!” the man said and began to walk off.

“No, wait! What’s your name?” Kayley called.

“It’s Garret.” The man replied.

“I’m Kayley.” Kayley said.

“My name is Adam.” Introduced Adam.

“I’m Whirlwind and this is my best friend, Ember.” Whirlwind said. Kayley and Ember ran and caught up with Garret.

“Garret, why won’t you look at us when we’re talking to you?” Ember said, as she and Kayley looked at him in the face, then realized something.

“Oh! I didn’t realize you were…” Kayley said.

“What? Tall? Rugged? Handsome?” Garret guessed.

“Blind.” Kayley and Ember said.

“You know, I always forget that one.” Chuckled Garret. None of them noticed Blade Beak spying on them. He was watching from behind a bush when suddenly…it moved!

“Ah, moving bush?! Whoo!” Blade Beak said, taking cover. Fox heard it with his fox ears and turned around but saw nothing.

“What is it, Fox?” asked Murphy.

“I heard a noise.” Fox said.

“There’s nothing there, Fox. Just trees and bushes.” Tyler said.

“Hmm… I know I heard something.” Fox said, turning back toward the others.

The falcon zipped in front of Garret and chattered.

“Not now, Ayden.” Garret answered.

“Hey, look! Your falcon has silver wings!” Shine said.

“Really? I’ll have to take your word for that.” Said Garret.

“No, wait. It means he knows where Excalibur is.” Said Whirlwind.

“Sure he does. In Camelot.” Garret said, “You know, big castle, lots of flags.”

“NO! It’s somewhere in the forest!” Ember said.

“Ruber and Brihzonn have stolen it!” Adam said. Murphy halted and turned to Adam.

“Brihzonn?!” Murphy said.

“You know him?” asked Whirlwind.

“Not personally. He was once a part of my kingdom.” Murphy answered.

“But who’s Ruber?” asked Hunter.

“Ruber is a knight who betrayed King Arthur years ago.” Adam answered.

“And they’ve taken my mother hostage.” Kayley said.

“That’s why we’re here!” said Shine.

“We must find the Sword and return it to Arthur, or all is lost.” Said Shine.

“Excalibur?! As a matter of fact, that’s why we’re here as well.” Said Eragon.

“That’s why we’re here as well.” Whirlwind said, “When Terrador heard that Excalibur was stolen, he sent me and Ember to recover it.

The falcon, Ayden, perched on Garret’s arm and chirped.

“Excalibur IS here?!” said Garret. The falcon chirped.

“Right! We’re going after it!” said Garret.

“Great!” Kayley and Shine said together.

“Not you. Me and Ayden. We work alone.” Garret said, pointing his staff at Kayley.

“Well, I see no reason why we can’t come along.” Krystal said.

“Yeah, why not?” asked Sparx. Garret began to sing.

“You think we’re going to let you have all the fun?” Colin asked.

“Not a chance.” Hobbes said.

I know the sound
Of reach rock and stone

As Garret tapped the rock underneath him, it rose and lifted Garret to the cliff above. The heroes climbed after him, but the dragons flew.

And I embrace what others fear

You are not to roam
In this forgotten place
Just the likes of me are welcome here

Garret crossed the log bridge and stuck his staff into the water fall, creating a gap in it.

Everything breathes
And I know each breath
For me it means life
For others it’s death

It’s perfectly balanced, perfectly planned.
More than enough for this man

As Kayley and the others tried to follow the gap closed on them. Next thing, Garret was standing at a large tree with a network of roots.

Like every tree
Stands on its own
Reaching for the sky
I stand alone

Garret slid along the roots to the other side.

I share my world
With no one else
All by myself
I stand alone

Murphy, Tyler, Shine, Adam, Kayley, and the others made their way through and caught up with Garret as he continued to sing. The leaves on the ground darted up and flew around Garret, then past the heroes. Blade Beak attempted to follow them, but when he grabbed hold of a branch. It slipped from underneath him and sent him plummeting.

I’ve seen your world
With these very eyes
Don’t come any closer
Don’t even try

Garret moved through the grove as the buds opened, revealing vine-like plants with red-bulbs at the ends. The plants thrust their bulbs at the heroes as they past.

I felt all the pain
And heard all the lies
In my world there’s no compromise

Garret stepped to a pond and the water shot up, then Garret stepped FROM ONE water pillar onto another. It was like a staircase. The others tried to follow, but got all wet in the process. Garret jumped onto a tree stump and it crawled like a bug.

Like every tree
Stands on its own
Reaching for the sky
I stand alone

Garret took hold of a giant flower with helicopter-like blades on it, it took off into the air with Garret. The heroes rode up, just like Garret did, except for the dragons, who simply flew up. But Kayley and Shine’s attempt wasn’t as successful as theirs. They got stuck in a tree.

I share my world
With no one else
All by myself
I stand alone

All by myself
I stand alone
All by myself
I stand alone

Kayley climbed up onto the cliff as Murphy helped Shine.

“We stand alone too.” Kayley said. The falcon perched on Kayley’s shoulder and nuzzled her.

“Let us help you.” Stephanie added.

“Trust her, Garret. It’s best we work together. And I know from experience.” Murphy said.

“Count us in!” said Tyler.

“We’ll help you.” Said Adam.

“So will we!” Whirlwind said.

“All right! All right! But don’t give me any trouble!” Garret reluctantly agreed.

“Don’t worry. We won’t.” Added Colin

“What makes you think I’ll work with her?!” Ember angrily asked, pointing to Cynder.

“Ember, this is no time to be holding grudges.” Spyro said.

“He’s right. We must set aside our differences for the time being if we’re to be successful.” Brenda said. Ember stood for a second, then sighed.

“Fine, but when this is over, I never want to see Cynder again!” Ember said, still angry at Cynder.

“Fine!” Cynder said.

“This won’t be easy.” groaned Linda.


Later on, a red liquid fell from above onto Garret.

“Ugh… It’s a fine mess you’ve gotten us into Ayden.” Garret complained.

“You’re not the only one with problems” Bold complained, also covered in the liquid.

“Hey, this isn’t so bad.” Said Shine as she and Kayley walked under some large flowers as they spilled liquid behind them. As they continued on, a patch of grass came alive and formed a mouth. It was about to attack Shine and Kayley when Bowser quickly stomped on it.

“I don’t know why you made such a fuss.” Kayley said. She, Shine, and Pavvy didn’t notice some thorns reaching at them. Murphy and Tyler took their swords and slashed the thorns as Spyro, Bowser, and Drake assisted with their fire breath, Cynder with her poison breath.

“I’ve had a tougher time fighting grublins and orcs.” Pavvy said. Suddenly another patch of grass formed some jaws and were about to snap Shine, Kayley, and Pavvy. Garret threw a rock at it and it retreated.

“Trouble, trouble, trouble! Capital T!” Garret groaned.
Part 4 of the remake of my "Quest for Camelot" adventure featuring Tyler :icontylerthdragon:, Glitter Lotiz :iconglittersda:, Shine Lotiz :iconshining-star-dragons:, Chomper, Stephanie Penguin :iconrogersgirlrabbit: Brenda Beast :iconbluetopazbeast:, Linda Beast :iconlindabloodybeast:, Colin :iconkiller-aircraft-dude:, Artic :iconcoolterra342: Prince Adam the Lion :iconleonheart27:, Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, Chomper, Fox McCloud, Krystal, Whirlwind, and Ember.
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Why is Bowser here?

Those who will hurt me or my friends will taste my keyblade.

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