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The Quest of the Magic Sword: Murphy and Tyler’s Adventures of Quest for Camelot

Chapter 6

If I didn't have you

Devon, Cornwall, Murphy, Tyler, Adam, Shine, Whirlwind, Ember, and the rest of the team fell through the tunnels until they came into a small chamber. Devon and Cornwall landed first, but landed on a stalagmite. The rest came. Murphy landed on Shine. Glitter landed on Tyler. Linda landed on Bowser’s stomach. Whirlwind landed on Ember. Garret landed on Kayley. Murphy helped Shine up. Whirlwind and Ember noticed that they were embracing and broke away, blushing.

“Are you sure we’re safe down here?” asked Brenda.

“It’s a lot safer down here than it is up there!” Cornwall groaned, struggling to get the stalagmite out of his backside.

“We know all the best escape routes.” Devon added.

“We’ve been dodging those bullies ever since we were two-hundred years old!” Cornwall said, pulling the stalagmite out and throwing it aside. But it hit Bold on the head.

“OW!!!” Bold yelled.

“Were we ever that young?” asked Devon.

“Of course we were, you moron!” Cornwall said.

“I’m not a moron!” snapped Devon.

“Yes, you are!” said Cornwall.

“No, I’m not!” said Devon.

“Sheesh! Such arguing.” Said Linda.

“With all that bickering, I’m surprised you haven’t fried each other!” Murphy groaned.

“Fry? We can’t even simmer.” Devon said, exhaling heavily. All that came out was a smoke ring.

“Yeah. You see, unlike most dragons, he can’t breathe fire or fly.” Cornwall said, pointing to the wings on their back, “Sad really!”

“He can’t? Why not?” asked Adam.

“Oh, excusez MOI, Mr. Self-Denial. But WE can’t breathe fire or fly.” Devon corrected.

“Only cause you’re holding me back!” Cornwall snapped. A bubble came out of a hole in front of them. Their image was engulfed in it.

“If I didn’t have you, I could do a lot of things.” Cornwall said, pushing against Devon as the two separated. The two started a song. Cornwall drummed on a dinosaur skeleton.


I'd be rocking with the dinos 

(Cornwall then started dancing with a rhino)

Swinging with the rhinos 

(The scenery shifted to a living room. Cornwall is in his chair as Devon is on the TV. Cornwall turned it off and Devon disappeared)

I'd de-dragonize this cave in a minute 

Cornwall, they would sing 

(Devon grabbed him from above and held him as a cub at a precipice like Simba from “The Lion King”)

'Cause I would be the dragon king 

(Cornwall was dropped back into the living room with Devon’s head on a dartboard. Cornwall tossed a dart at it)

I would love this world without you in it!

(Cornwall stood in front of a lava lamp)

If I didn't have you! 

(Devon’s head appeared in the lava lamp)


If you didn't have me? 

(Cornwall turned to a platter)

If I didn't have you! 

(Cornwall lifted the lid off, but Devon’s head appeared on it)


Well, how about if I didn't have you, huh? 

(Cornwall stuffed an apple in his mouth. The scenery changed into a sunset. Devon and Cornwall danced in front, now separate and pushing each other out of the way)


Oh, what I could be if there was only me! 

Oh, what I'd do if I didn't have you! 

(Shine’s shadow appeared in the scene)

Stop bickering and get your act together. 

(The scene faded to black and Devon and Cornwall were back together. Devon was dressed as a Chinese Woman while Cornwall was in a tuxedo with part of a white mask on)


Act? Did someone say act? I can act! 

If only I had separate parts 

(Next Devon was chiseling a sculpture of Cornwall, then it crumpled)

My career would be the arts 

(Next we see Devon’s shadow with a castle shadow)

I'd be the star of Camelot 

You'd be the half that the whole world forgot! 

(Next Devon was holding Cornwall’s head and tossed into the air)

If I didn't have you! 


I should be so lucky! 

(Cornwall’s head landed and Devon zipped it in place)


If I didn't have you! 


Oh, wait! You'd be dead! 


Oh, what I could be if there was only me! 

(Next Cornwall had a chain saw and a mask, Devon quickly grabbed it and they wrestled over it)

Oh, what I'd do if I didn't have you! 

(Next they were tied to a log headed for a saw blade. Devon was reading as Cornwall struggled to get free)

Oh, what I'd do if I didn't have you! 

(Next we know, Devon’s neck is stretched across a ditch and a large rock is rolling toward it)


Trapped! Aah! Trapped! 

(The rock impacts, then we Devon and Cornwall’s image on the rock)

Stuck here with you for 500 years! 


Oh dear, it's learned to count. 

(Devon pokes Cornwall in the eyes and the scene switches to a courtroom. Cornwall is a defendant, Devon is the judge.)


If you'd got me a good lawyer I would have split 400 years ago.

Now, listen here, pal! I didn't come here to be insulted!


Oh? Where do you usually go? 

(Next Devon changes to Godzilla)


I'd be a fire-breathing lizard! 

(Next Devon and Cornwall are inflated like a balloon)


I'd be one high-flying wizard! 

(Next Devon has Cornwall at a precipice and is jackhammering it)


You'd be nothing without me!
You'd be extinct! You'd cease to be! 

(The ledge breaks and Cornwall falls to the bottom like Wile E. Coyote)


I'm so tired of your nagging! 


And I'm so tired of your bragging! 

(Devon and Cornwall are back together)


Without me you'd have no brain. . . 

Both w/ Background Voices 

. . . with which to think! 

(Devon takes a rubber glove and puts it into Cornwall’s ear and it comes out on the other side. Fade…)

Cornwall- Devon- 

I'd be rocking with the dinos
If only I had 
separate parts 

Swinging with the rhinos 

I'd de-dragonize this cave in a minute
My career would be the 

Cornwall, they would sing
I'd be the star of 

'Cause I would be the dragon king 

(As they sing this, Cornwall runs onto the scene and grabs a beautiful lady. But just as he’s about to kiss her, it switches to Devon with a glare. Cornwall dashes off screen. Next Devon is looking at himself in a mirror, then Cornwall appears in the mirror. Devon grabs him and molds squashes him into an egg. He tosses it away.)


I would love this world without you in it! 

If I didn't have you! 

(The egg bounces a ways and hatches, revealing a smaller Devon. Another egg hatches revealing a miniature Cornwall. Devon hits Cornwall on the head. Cornwall whacks him and they tussle and fall down a cliff)

Background Voices- 

If I didn't have you! 


If I didn't have you! 

Background Voices- 

If I didn't have you! 

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! 

(Three dragon eggs with feet sticking out dance onto the scene, but a cane pulls them back. Devon and Cornwall come onto the scene)


This way! 
Let me lead! (pulls Cornwalls hand)

Background Voices- 

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! 

No, this way, twinkletoes! 

(Holds Devon up high)

(Next, their image appears on a stain glass window)


Life could be so sweet
if these were both my feet! 

(Next Devon and Cornwall were dressed like Cher and Sonny)

What I'd do if I didn't have you! 


I got you, babe! 


Oh, what I'd do if I didn't have you! 

(Next Devon and Cornwall were dressed as Elvis)

Well, if I didn't, 

oh, if I didn't, 

have you! 


Thank you very much! 


Thank you very much! 


Thank you! 


Devon has left the building! 


You've never sung before have you?

With that, the scene changed back to the cave. Shine, Ember, Kayley and the rest of the team applauded.

“Come on, Garret!” Kayley said.

“Let’s go, Murphy!” said Shine.

“Come on, Whirlwind.” Said Ember.

“Let’s move on, Tyler.” Said Glitter.

“Let’s get going, Bowser.” Said Linda.

“You don’t need them, ladies.” Cornwall said, “Now you got Cornwall keeping an eye on you.”

“Who’s gonna keep an eye on YOU?” asked Sparx.


Hours later, the team exited the cave and came to a Cliffside. They saw the Forbidden Forest in front of them. Murphy sniffed the air and smiled.

“Well, the good news is we’re out of Dragon Country.” Murphy sighed.

“So what now?” asked Collin.

“The better news is, this is where we say goodbye.” Bold said, turning to Devon and Cornwall.

“But you can’t leave us here!” Devon protested, “If we try to go back, we’ll be banished! Ostracized! Exiled!”

“Not to mention kicked out.” Cornwall added.

“Why?” asked Krystal.

“We just broke the Dragons’ cardinal rule?” Cornwall said.

“And what rule is that?” asked Wajo.

“Never wear brown shoes with a blue suit?” asked Devon. Cornwall grabbed him by the snout.

“No, you moron. Never help a human.” Cornwall said.

“Where I come from, dragons don’t have that kind of rule.” Spyro said.

“Neither in mine.” Drake said.

“Nor in Aramalia.” Said Murphy.

“Neither in Skyrim.” Said Tyler.

“Where I come from, we are SUPPOSED to help humans.” Mushu said.

“That’s not fair. Banished for an act of kindness!” said Ember.

“Indeed not!” Artic agreed. Ayden screeched.

“Come on, guys. We must make camp before dark.” Said Garret.

“And before Brihzonn finds us again.” Brenda said.

“We’ll be seeing you.” Bold told Devon and Cornwall.

“Bold! We can’t leave them here.” Fox said.

“They got nowhere else to go.” Added Tyler.

“Let’s take them with us! Please!” pleaded Cynder.

“At least until we find a better place for them to stay.” Said Artic.

Bold looked at them and sighed.

“Oh, I suppose so.” Bold sighed.

“But no more singing.” Garret added.

“How do you feel about an interpretative dance?” asked Devon as he posed as a ballet dancer.

“Don’t you love these guys?” said Pavvy.

“I’m so gonna regret this!” groaned Bold.


Later, Ruber, Brihzonn, and the minions had made camp at the same spot. They had killed one of the dragons and were roasting it over the fire. The dragons were fierce, but they were no match for Brihzonn’s magic and Ruber’s steel soldiers. Blade Beak brought two dragon legs to Ruber and Brihzonn.

“Dragon A La King!” said Blade Beak. Ruber and Brihzonn each grabbed a leg and took a bite out of it.

“It’s such a pleasant relief from chicken.” Blade Beak smiled nervously.

“I can’t believe I’m reduced to chasing a little girl, a blind man, a lion prince, a blue lioness, a pair of dragons, and a pigeon.” Ruber said.

“Let’s not forget Dragonstar and his pathetic friends.” Brihzonn growled.

“Find them all and report back to us!” Ruber told the griffin. Ruber then threw his dragon leg aside. The griffin caught it and started eating it until Ruber grabbed him by the ear.

“Didn’t you hear me?!” Ruber said.

“Sorry, master. My mouth was full.” The griffin replied.

“Typical! Of all the evil creatures in the world, we had to find one with table manners!” Ruber said as the griffin flew off.

“And no mistakes! Or we’ll make space on the spit for you!” said Ruber.

“Hey, useless! Rendezvous with the wagons and tell them to press on!” Brihzonn told Blade Beak, “As soon as we have Excalibur, we’ll join them! And the kingdom will be ours!”

The minions growled in approval as Brihzonn chuckled evilly.
Part 6 of the remake of my "Quest for Camelot" adventure featuring Tyler :icontylerthdragon:, Glitter Lotiz :iconglittersda:, Shine Lotiz :iconshining-star-dragons:, Chomper, Stephanie Penguin :iconrogersgirlrabbit: Brenda Beast :iconbluetopazbeast:, Linda Beast :iconlindabloodybeast:, Colin :iconkiller-aircraft-dude:, Artic :iconcoolterra342: Prince Adam the Lion :iconleonheart27:, Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, Chomper, Fox McCloud, Krystal, Whirlwind, and Ember.
KBAFourthtime Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
I presume that with Devon dressed as a "Chinese woman", perhaps they were imitating kabuki. Maybe Devon was an onnagata. You know, men who play women's roles in kabuki.
Fictioncreatorartist Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:? What?
KBAFourthtime Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
Then again... I suppose not...
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