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The Quest of the Magic Sword: Murphy and Tyler’s Adventures of Quest for Camelot

Chapter 8

A Moment of Tenderness

The next day, the team came to a tunnel made of thorns. Ayden screeched.

“Ayden’s spotted Excalibur!” Garret said.

“Really?!” said Ember.

“It must be in here!” said Murphy.

“Hah! Take that, Brihzonn!” said Sparx.

“Come on! Let’s go!” said Tyler as they rushed into the tunnel. But there was no sign of the sword.

“Look!” said Artic. Ayden grabbed something and dropped it in Kayley’s hands.

“A belt!” said Brenda.

“It must be from Excalibur.” Said Shine.

“But where’s the sword?” asked Kayley.

“I should I know?” asked Pavvy.

“Someone must’ve taken it.” Murphy said, walking and stroking his chin. Suddenly he fell face down.

“Murphy!” exclaimed Cynder.

“Are you alright?” asked Spyro.

“I’m fine. Just saying somebody must’ve taken Excalibur.” Murphy said.

“Or some THING! Look!” Whirlwind said. They all looked and saw what Murphy fell into. It was a humongous, gargantuan footprint!

“What could’ve made a foot print that big?!” asked Colin.

“A giant, no doubt.” Drake said.

“A giant?!” gulped Brenda, Pavvy, Ember, Mushu, and Chomper.

“Well, whatever it is, it’s got Excalibur.” Linda presumed. Millie was frightened and hugged Glitter’s leg.

“Mama, I’m afraid.” Millie whimpered.

“Don’t be, Millie.” Glitter assured her, “I will protect you.”

“Now we’ll NEVER find Excalibur in time!” said Ember. Hunter looked at the tracks.

“If we follow these tracks, we will.” Hunter said.

“Well, this is all your fault!” Kayley told Murphy.

“My fault?!” Murphy said in surprise.

“Yes! If we hadn’t stopped…” Kayley said.

“Quiet!” Garret silently said as Ayden chirped.

“We should have kept going!” Kayley went on.

“Kayley, this is no time to argue!” Shine said.

“We have to find Excalibur.” Cynder said.

“Shh!” Garret shushed.

“I have to save my mother.” Kayley said.

“Please! I need to hear!” Garret said. Suddenly, an arrow zipped out of nowhere and cut Garret at the side. Garret fell to the ground.

“GARRET!!!” the whole team yelled. At the entrance, they saw Ruber, Brihzonn, the griffin, and the minions.

“Get them!” Ruber yelled. Ruber, Brihzonn, and the minions charged at them.

“No!” Kayley exclaimed. Ruber was about to strike Garret when Ayden flew in front of Ruber, distracting him.

“Fus Ro Dah!” Tyler yelled. A blast wave shot out of his mouth and struck Ruber, sending him flying into the minions. Brihzonn leaped overhead and was about to run Garret through.

“Not so fast!” Colin yelled. Colin leaped at Brihzonn and knocked him back. Brihzonn landed on his feet and faced the team.

“Murphy Dragonstar! We meet at last!” Brihzonn growled.

“Brihzonn! I’ve heard about you! How you killed one of your own!” Murphy growled. Tyler stepped up beside Murphy.

“And who are you?!” asked Brihzonn.

“I am Tyler the Dragon!” Tyler growled.

“Tyler the Dragon?! Dragonborn of Skyrim?!” Brihzonn said in surprise, “You’re the great hero who defeated Alduin the World Eater in Sovengarde?! You don’t look like much.”

“Neither do you!” growled Fox.

“Looks don’t count for much, Brihzonn.” Growled Linda.

“What a surprising group.” Brihzonn growled, “A group of heroes to die together! With you out of the way, Excalibur will be ours!”

“That’s what you think!” growled Eragon.

“We’re going to make you pay for what you’ve done!” growled Linda.

“See how you handle dragon fire!” Saphira growled, exhaling a blast of flames at Brihzonn. Brihzonn jumped out of the way.

“Kayley, we’ll handle this! Get Garret out of here! Children, run!” ordered Tyler. The heroes attacked. Murphy clashed swords with Ruber as Colin fought Brihzonn. The others fought the minions. One Blade Hand lunged at Ember, who stood petrified in fear at the sight of this monstrosity.

“Ember!” Cynder yelled. Cynder darted and pushed Ember out of the way as the Blade Hand struck. His blade cut Cynder at the side. Cynder collapsed in pain.

“Cynder!” Spyro yelled in shock.

“Oh no! Cynder!” Ember gasped. Her fear turned to rage as Ember blasted the minion in the face with her fiery breath. The minion was pushed back and couldn’t see as Spyro put the wounded Cynder on his back.

“Everyone! Retreat!” Murphy yelled, knocking Ruber back. The heroes made for the exit as the Blade Hand followed behind them, cutting the vines in his way. Suddenly, some of the plants seemed to move. They looked like plant monsters with just the arms, head, and torso. Their bodies rested on rocks. They grabbed and snatched at the heroes, but they kept the monsters’ hands back with their magic powers. They reached the exit, but saw Ruber, Brihzonn, and the minions approaching.

“Guys! What do we do?!” exclaimed Stephanie.

“I’m working on it!” said Wajo, trying to think of something. Kayley grabbed a vine and tossed it, causing one end to wrap around the wrist of one of the monsters. Kayley yanked the vine, causing the monster’s hand to fall on Ruber, Brihzonn, and their minions. They were trapped as the heroes made their escape.


Back at the wagon convoy, the wagons pressed on. Inside one of them was Juliana, with Blade Beak and his wife. Juliana looked into the night sky, hoping her daughter  and Shine were safe.

“My brave daughter and my dear friend, please be safe.” She said softly. Blade Beak saw her and felt bad. Suddenly, he heard a minion chuckling. A Blade Hand stuck his head and hand through the cloth drapes at the front.

“No body can stop Ruber and Brihzonn’s plan to take over Camelot!” the Blade Hand laughed, “Or Brihzonn’s plan for vengeance!” The Blade Hand went back into the driver’s seat.

“You don’t know my daughter or Shine!” Juliana snapped.


Back with the heroes, a thunderstorm hit. Kayley carried the wounded Garret into a cave as Spyro carried the wounded Cynder in. Kayley laid Garret against a large rock as Spyro did the same with Cynder.

“Please, don’t die. I can’t do this on my own.” Kayley said, as Zielae picked some purple leaves off a bush and placed them on Garret’s wound. Spyro placed some leaves on Cynder’s wounds as Ember approached.

“I’m sorry. It’s all my fault you were hurt. I was rattling on when I should’ve been quiet. I’m no help to anyone.” Kayley said in tears. Garret placed his hand on her face and shushed her.

“You’re wrong.” He said softly. Chomper, Millie, and Scarlett stepped up to Tyler.

“Daddy, are they gonna be ok?” asked Millie.

“Will they live?” asked Scarlett.

“I don’t know, children.” Tyler said.

Ember stepped up to Spyro and Cynder.

“Cynder, I am so sorry. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have been injured. I stood there like a coward.” Ember sobbed with tears in her eyes, “You deserve Spyro more than I do. I’m not worthy of your company.”

“Don’t say that.” Said Stephanie.

“You’re wrong, Ember.” Cynder said, raising her head.

“You shouldn’t blame yourself.” Said Brenda.

“Terrador said that every warrior feels fear, Ember. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Spyro added.

“He said that it takes courage to master that fear.” Murphy added.

“I believe you can too.” Tyler said.

“As do I, Ember.” Adam said.

“I believe it too, with all my heart.” Whirlwind said. Ember turned to Whirlwind.

“What did you say?” Ember asked in surprise.

“You are worthy in my eyes, Ember.” Said Whirlwind, “You mean more to me than life itself.”

“You really mean that?!” gasped Ember in surprise.

“I do, Ember.” Whirlwind said, “Every time I look at you, my heart pounds harder than normal.”

“You mean it?!” Ember said. Whirlwind embraced her and looked into her eyes.

“Every word of it, Ember.” Smiled Whirlwind, “I love you.”

Ember gasped at these words. She dashed toward Whirlwind and kissed him right in the mouth. Whirlwind returned the kiss. The whole team smiled at this.  Spyro and Cynder looked at eachother and kissed.

Linda saw this and looked at Bowser.

“I love you, Bowser.” Linda smiled.

“And I love you, Linda.” Bowser smiled, and kissed Linda. Brenda smiled at this.

Glitter saw this and turned toward Tyler.

“You remember how we first met and fell in love?” asked Glitter

“How can I forget?” Tyler smiled, “I had never met anyone so beautiful.”

“Neither had I met anyone so handsome.” Glitter blushed.

“Just like Spyro and Cynder’s love.” Tyler smiled.

“And now, Ember and Whirlwind are together.” Glitter said.

“I love you, Glitter.” Tyler smiled.

“And I love you, Tyler. So much.” Glitter smiled and kissed Tyler.

Murphy looked at Shine and smiled. Shine smiled back and walked up to him.

“You know, Shine, I never knew Glitter would have a sister as pretty as her.” Murphy smiled.

“I could see that. The way you looked at me when we battled those dragons.” Shine giggled.

“You were amazing.” Said Murphy.

“So were you, Murphy.” Shine smiled, then held Murphy’s hand. Fox saw this and turned to Krystal with a smile.

“What is it, Fox?” asked Krystal.

“I was just thinking about when I first laid eyes on you.” Fox smiled, “I don’t believe I had ever seen a beautiful vixen.”

“Oh! You’re just saying that!” Krystal blushed.

“No, I mean it.” Fox smiled as he held Krystal in his arms.

“I’m just sorry we didn’t get much of a chance to talk after you and the others freed me.” Krystal smiled.

“I’m just happy I have you hear with me.” Fox smiled, caressing her face. Fox and Krystal’s faces moved toward eachother’s until their lips touch. They kissed passionately.

“Wow. There’s a lot of love in here.” Sparx said.

“Come on! Would you all get a room!?” Hobbes said jokingly.

Then Garret, Murphy, Whirlwind, Fox, Spyro, and Tyler began singing.

Look at the sky

Tell me what do you see

Just close your eyes and describe it to me

The heavens are sparkling with starlight tonight

That's what I see through your eyes

Kayley, Ember, Shine, Glitter, Krystal and Cynder joined in.

I see the heavens each time that you smile

I hear your heartbeat just go on for miles

And suddenly I know why life is worthwhile

Suddenly, the purple leaves glowed and vanished, along with Garret and Cynder’s injuries. Kayley hugged Garret tightly as Spyro nuzzled Cynder.

That's what I see through your eyes

Spyro and Kayley helped Cynder and Garret up. Pavvy sentimentally wrapped his arm around Bold and squeezed him tightly until Bold pushed him off. The couples walked through the forest.

That's what I see through your eyes

Here in the night, I see the sun
Here in the dark, our two hearts are one
Its out of our hands, we can't stop what we have begun
And love just took me by surprise, looking through your eyes

Shine stepped onto a patch of moss, but it kept rising until Shine fell into Murphy’s arms. The two eyed lovingly and moved on. Devon started crying as his tears fell onto Cornwall. Cornwall grabbed a big leaf and held it over his head like an umbrella. Bowser and Linda watched and held hands.

I see a night I wish could last forever

Garret taught Kayley how he used his staff and dodged the punching plants. Murphy and Shine, Tyler and Glitter, Fox and Krystal, and Spryo and Cynder drew their weapons and dodged in unison. Afterwards, all the couples embraced as Sparx flew into the water and flew in circles around the couples. The water stayed in midair and formed the three rings of Camelot around them

I see a world we're meant to see together
And it is so much more than I remember

More than I remember

More than I have known

Here in the night, I see the sun
Here in the dark, our two hearts are one
Its out of our hands, we can't stop what we have begun

As the couples sang this, Cornwall tapped one of the punching plants. It punched Devon right in the chin, then more punching plants appeared around them. They punched at Devon and Cornwall as they tried to dodge, but they got tangled in the plants. The plants then nuzzled them. Cornwall struggled to get free, but the plants sent his fist flying into his mouth. Everybody laughed, then moved on.

And love just took me by surprise, looking through your eyes

Looking through your eyes

The heroes followed the tracks into the horizon as helicopter plants took off into the sky as dawn approached. They were sure it wouldn’t be long before they found Excalibur and the creature that had it.

Part 8 of the remake of my "Quest for Camelot" adventure featuring Tyler :icontylerthdragon:, Glitter Lotiz :iconglittersda:, Shine Lotiz :iconshining-star-dragons:, Chomper, Stephanie Penguin :iconrogersgirlrabbit: Brenda Beast :iconbluetopazbeast:, Linda Beast :iconlindabloodybeast:, Colin :iconkiller-aircraft-dude:, Artic :iconcoolterra342: Prince Adam the Lion :iconleonheart27:, Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, Chomper, Fox McCloud, Krystal, Whirlwind, and Ember.

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